Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Thanksgiving Miracle

A real, true, and official miracle has occurred on our ranch here.

It's not a spider writing words in a web or anything, but pretty darn close, as far as we are concerned...

Our mama cows, who had wandered off and gone AWOL on us, have returned home.  

They came home all by themselves, without us even having to call in the services of "rent-a-cowboy".  All the females are accounted for, but our little bull calf, Billy Bully, has now left the farm.  He's out roaming for fresh heifers to visit.

When we arrived home Sunday evening, there they were.  They had broken the fence down to get into Luke's garden and eat his entire crop of winter lettuce.  He was thankful they were home, but really a little hacked off that they were in the garden. Again.

SO.... we lured them into the corral, fed them some hay and cubes, and then called a friend who wanted to buy them.  He picked them up Monday afternoon.

As soon as we locate little Billy Bully, we shall sell him, as well, and our cow saga will be ended.

I can't wait.  I am ready to be a "retired" cowgirl!!

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Sarah Elms said...

I am really sad the cow stories are about to come to an end.... They are so funny to me.... Could you get a goat or something.....