Thursday, December 31, 2009

My new best friend...

I have stained concrete floors in my house, and I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them when my kids spill something on them or when the dog throws up on them... the clean-up is FANTASTIC for stuff like that. BUT, I hate other things about them. They are cold, and they are hard. And, lately, I have been having a TERRIBLE time cleaning them. It has been raining (and snowing!) a lot lately at our house, and LO!!! FRIENDS!!! I cannot describe with mere words how much mud we have at our house right now... It's always muddy in the country, but we are trying to put in a yard, and we have about 10 fresh loads of topsoil in our yard... MUD doesn't even begin to describe what's in my yard!!

Anyway, lately I have swept and dust mopped and wet mopped until I am blue in the face, and it still looked and felt dirty.


Today, I made a new friend.

The Shark Steam Mop.

It might change my life!!
It cleans AND sanitizes. It's my new best friend.

I had already swept, dust mopped, and wet mopped today when I decided to just go out and buy it and see if it would help. When I came home with it, I filled it (with plain water), and started in on my floors again. FRIENDS!!! I cannot describe the "gross-ness" that came up on the cleaning pad!!! AFTER the floors had already been "cleaned"!!!!!

It was like a ray of light shone down upon it from heaven. The answer to my prayers!!! Three cheers for the shark!!!!


BellaGrace said...

I got one a few months ago and adore it! I happy for you and your new best friend. I love you blog. You have a wonderful family. Happy New year!

kristi said...

I feel your pain about the mud. I always wondered if thesteam shark worked.

The Poe Family said...

I have been eyeing the steam shark for some time now. I am glad to hear good things about it. I shampooed my carpet the other day and thought stained concrete may be the way to go. The gunk that lives beneath the carpet is just disgusting. I took pictures it was so bad and words couldn't describe it.

cheri said...

I'm thinking you just "blogged" me into a steam shark! I'm heading to Alco tomorrow with $$$$ in hand. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they haven't sold out due to your free commercial!