Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chicken Update

I know you all have just been waiting with baited breath for an update about Abby's chickens(ha!).  Well, they all are 4 doing fine and growing at a ridiculous rate.  We were HOPING for 4 hens, and even had an old wives' tale that told us how to pick hens out from roosters.  Supposedly, if you hold them upside down by their feet when they are babies, the ones who do not fight and flap their wings are hens.  We dutifully performed this test and made our selections based on the results.  Well, now that they are growing, it appears that little trick is accurate... about half of the time.  That's right.  We are thinking we have two roosters and two hens.  The little purple chicken (named "Dumpling") has begun to perch himself on top of the water jug and "crow" (if you can call it that... it sounds like a sick little whistle.)  I'm hoping he never figures out how to really let loose and crow.  I like my sleep.  I don't want to be awakened at dawn by a happy rooster.  (I don't want to be awakened at dawn by anything! ha ha)  Wish us luck... how far do you think we could REALLY move that chicken pen away from our house?!?!?!?!

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Shelley said...

Since you are now in the rooster, hen business... I will bring Mr. Rusty Rooster over ASAP. He is great about waking us up at 6 AM every morning! He takes his job very seriously :)