Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

 Before I start listing, I should probably give a little background first... Earlier in the week, a young man from our town unexpectedly passed away.  He would have turned 26 this weekend.  He began having a seizure at home, and then went to the ER.  They are still unsure, but they think he had a blood clot that went to his lung and killed him.  He was a husband.  He was a father to two precious young children.  All week I have just been sick over what his wife and children are suffering through right now.  If you have time, pray for the Carter family.

Then last night, I get a call from my partner who teaches Sunday School with me each week.  Her daughter (who is roughly the same age as me), went in to the hospital to have some fairly routine surgery.  She went into cardiac arrest during the procedure.  Luckily, she survived.  She was awake again, but they were monitoring her very closely.  My partner said that when her daughter woke up, she said, "Mom, I saw the light."    This gave me chills.  This woman has children and a husband, and they are praying about adopting another young child from the Ukraine.  She has much to live for.  Please pray for her, too.  Her name is Julie.

I give all this background, because I think my "thankful" list will probably be a bit more serious than usual, and I just wanted you to know where I am today.  A little shell-shocked, and totally thankful and humbled.


1.)  My family.  All of them.  Especially my husband, for I am unsure how I would "move on" with the business of life without him.

2.)  God.  

3.)  My life.  I am so richly blessed.

4.)  Being wonderfully and mercifully forgiven.

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