Wednesday, April 30, 2008


OK, internets, I know you all have just been DYING to know what has been up in our world, as it has been 4 WHOLE DAYS since I've blogged.  The days have been fast and furious.  Here's a quick little update...

Sunday it RAINED.  A lot.  And it was pretty chilly.  After church we went out to lunch with some friends.  Then, Luke went and ran with Will, and the girls and I went and played with Shelley and her girls while the boys were being all "healthy" and "athletic."  They both really enjoy exercise.  I really dislike that about both of them.

Monday was back to school.  Grace and I spent the day doing the normal "early week" stuff... mainly a BIG trip to Wal-Mart for lots of groceries and household items.  Not a fun trip, but Grace was good and quite funny.   We had a "healthy" lunch at Mickey-D's.  (However, I want bonus points for ordering a salad and not the big fat hamburger that I really wanted!!)

Tuesday was crazy.  Katie had to take the Math portion of the TAKS test, and she was quite nervous. It amazes me that she is worried about these tests!!!  She is bright, but now just "passing" isn't good enough... She wants to be "commended".  I hope she makes it, but I also hope that she is proud of herself no matter what.  She was prepared, and I know she did well.  After school we raced home and changed clothes to run back into town for T-ball practice and softball practice.  We got home in time to scarf down some dinner and bathe and jump in the bed.

Today was also really busy.  Shelley and I went riding with a "new" bicycling friend, Sheena.  We did well... we rode about 10 miles.  Then it was a mad dash back home for a shower before going up to the hospital to watch Luke give his speech for Women's Health Week.  (He did so well... he had made a slide show on the computer to go with it.  I learned a few things about Osteoporosis that I didn't know!!)  Then it was another hop skip and jump over to Circle T to chat about the Breast Cancer research Benefit that is going on this weekend.  I'm helping with the silent auction.  We really have a lot to do... I hope it all comes together!!!  Next I picked up the kids and helped Katie finish her Science Project before trucking to church and teaching my "Rhythm Rookies" choir class.  They were cute tonight... We sang a song about God creating the world in 7 days.  

Anyway, I know all that information was just so exciting... you all can quit snoring now! ha ha!  

The sad thing is, I had a GREAT posting in my mind for "Works For Me Wednesday", hosted over at "Rocks in my Dryer", but I haven't even had time to take a photo to go along with it!!  AHHH!!  Oh, well, maybe next week!!

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