Saturday, April 26, 2008

A good day!

Today was a good day.  For one of the first times in her life, I allowed Kate to leave our little town with a friend (who wasn't related to us! ha  ha!) and spend the day with her.  I know, I know, the child is 9 years old, and I probably should have allowed it a long time ago, but I'm one of "those" moms... I am WAY over - protective.  But, really, I'm OK with being a little on the "cautious" side.  Any-hoo, Katie Beth had a FANTASTIC time.  They went to the Ft. Worth zoo and saw all the animals (the penguins were her favorite), and they got to stuff an animal in the gift shop, they rode the train, and then, to cap off a perfect day, they ate supper at the hibachi place.  She was tired but really happy.

The rest of us had a fun day, too.  A few of my friends had a garage sale today, so I helped out there this morning.  While I was at the garage sale, Luke took the little girls on an "adventure".  Abby had so much fun she is still talking about it!  They went walking down to our creek and tried to skip rocks and looked for fossils and laid on the big rocks and put their hands in the cold waterfalls.    They were dirty and happy when I got back home.  We then headed to town for Miss Campbell's 2nd b-day party.  What fun!  A bouncy castle, a water slide, a wading pool, a huge sand box with green and purple sand... it was a kiddy paradise!  (Wish I had remembered my camera!!)  After the party, a good bath was in order for all of us!  Then Luke and I took the little girls out to dinner before Kate arrived back home.  (I kind of thought that Abs and Gracer might miss Kate today, but you know, they really enjoyed being "buddies"... Abby really got to play the role of the big sister, and, you know, she was pretty good at it!!)

Hope you all had as good of a Saturday as we did!!  


Shelley said...

Glad yall had a great day! I love days like that when it all just seems to "work out!"...

Dschmitt said...

It's great that your husband can take time to go on adventures with your girls. My children are grown now and my husband regrets that he spent so much time on his career and rarely had time to take our kids on adventures.