Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Fall, Y'all!

My friend, Amy, asked all her readers to show off their Fall Decor a few days ago in this post.

Well, it has taken me a few days, and I've only gotten around to snapping photos of my front porch, but here it is (so far).

Here's a wide shot of the whole porch.
Here's a close-up picture of the right side of the porch.  All of the squashes and pumpkins in the wagon, as well as the watermelons, came out of our own little garden!  Impressive, right?
And, here is the left side, all close up. We DID grow the little pumpkins there, as well as the squash, but the rest of it was purchased.  
If you recall, last year I attempted to decorate my porch, but my cows came up and tore it all up.  The ate the hay, destroyed the pumpkins, knocked down my scarecrows, and pooped on my porch.  (You can go back in my archives right HERE and read all about it.)  This year they are safely fenced away from my yard.  BUT, we do have Trixie, the puppy... Trixie is really bothered by those scarecrows... I HAD two mini-scarecrows in the display, as well, but Trixie has eaten those.  So far, she has left the big ones alone.  I guess maybe she doesn't want to pick on somebody bigger than her! ha ha!

Happy Fall!  Hope you are all enjoying this fabulous weather!  We are loving it!


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful. Hopefully Trixie (as well as the other animals) will leave everything untouched. Love, Mom

Amy said...

SO CUTE!! I immediately recalled the cow post when I saw this picture!! LOL! Good times!!:)

AND, I am so jealous you have discovered how to link back to a specific post!! It seems like I would have figured that one out by now!! DO TELL!!

Porch looks awesome, by the way!!

Gettysburg Mom said...

My fall decorating is limited to three mini pumpkins my neighbor gave the kids. The pumpkins move room to room depending on the whims of small children. I'm 90% certain I will find a decomposed pumpkin under a couch come March.

The porch looks great! Glad to hear you won't have any cow poop in the display... :)

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask you if you had the cows fenced in! I still tell that story because it is so funny! Hope to see ya'll soon!