Saturday, October 11, 2008

Soccer Update

Just a little background on Kate's Soccer team this year...

They are an "all girl" team in a co-ed league.

They only have 7 players, which means no subs at any time.  All of them must play all game, every game.

Kate is the only 4th grader on their team.  All the other girls are 3rd graders.  And they are not "big" or "tall" girls.

All that being said, they played a team today who is mostly 4th graders, and has boys on their team.  The first time they played that team this season, they got beaten.  BADLY.  All of our girls except for Kate got hurt and cried at some point in the game.  They just acted scared of the other team.

Today they played them again.  And they came to WIN.  They just played "out of their minds" good.  One girl even got a ball kicked directly into her mouth, and she lost a tooth.  (Luckily, it was already loose.)  But, she got back up and finished the game.  What a trooper!

The other team was undefeated.


Go Lime Slime!  You girls really showed everyone what you were made of today!

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Shelley said...

Way to go LIME SLIME! We are so proud of you :)