Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kate "TRI's" Hard

Today Katie completed her first triathlon.  She ran in the "Trick-or-Treat Tri" up in the DFW area.  She did great!  I was just so proud of her... she didn't let anything stop her.  It wasn't always smooth, because the chain fell off her bike and she had to get some help to get it back on.  But, that's just how things go sometimes, and she didn't let it get her down.

Here she is, crossing the finish line under the balloon arch.
Here she is running toward the track to complete the last loop of the run.  (Notice how she's carrying her visor... it kept falling off, so she just carried it.  When she saw us waiting on the track, she just threw it over to us!)

Here she is in the transition area after the swim, getting ready for the bike portion.  We didn't get any pictures of her during the bike, because she was out on the course for awhile (because of the chain problems).  By the time we realized she had been gone for too long and went out looking for her, she rode up.  Oh well... 
Ready to swim... Note the body marking there... she's #129!
Here she is, taking a deep breath on that swim portion!!
Jumping in, ready to swim.
I thin this picture is so cute... Kate's friend, Lauren, did the Tri with her, and they were so excited, so excited, and then as the "start time" inched ever-so close, the began to get really nervous.  You can just SEE the nerves on their little faces!!!
Here they are before the race, showing off their body markings.
A big congrats to Kate and Lauren for completing their first Tri!!  They both said they just can't WAIT to do another one!!  Way to go girls.  I am just so proud of you!!


Amy said...

Way to go Katie!! I'll have to share this post with Kate. She'll think its awesome!

Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! We're so proud of you Katie! Can't wait to show Sarah your pictures. Keep it up! Love, Aunt Roxanne