Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wild Weekend

Well, internets, we are back at home.  It was a wild, fast and furious weekend.  We had a soccer game on Saturday morning (We Won!!  Go Lime Slime!)  Then we took the youngest girls out to the farm to stay with Hubby's parents, as I decided to go and TRI another triathlon this weekend.  (I know, I know, that's a little crazy, but I just really wanted to see if I could better my time just a little bit, and the "season" for triathlons is quickly coming to an end.)  So, with encouragement from hubby, I signed up for the Benbrook All-Women's Tri.  It was really fun.  And, YES, I ran better than ever before.  I cut 6 minutes off of my run time alone!  For me, a huge accomplishment, since I really don't enjoy the run as much as the bike.  Kate decided to go along with us and watch, since she is considering doing a kid's triathlon here in a few weeks.  After the race, we ate THE BEST lunch EVER at IHOP (I know that sounds funny, but MAN, was I hungry! ha ha!)  Then we ran back to pick up Grace and Abby.  Then it was on to pick up the dogs from the boarders (my car was REALLY full!)  

I do have pictures of all of this, but am just too tired to wait for them to load right now.  Maybe tomorrow.  Hope your weekend was as fun as ours!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's great! Continue working on your time and it get even better. Love,Mom