Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Things that Make Me HAPPY

As I was reading BooMama's blog this morning, I so enjoyed reading her list of things that made her happy!!  It inspired me to make my own little list.  (You can find BooMama's link over on my side bar under "Blog Pros"...  I'm too lazy to make another link right now!!

Any-hoo... on with thing that make me particularly happy today!!

1.  Watching Hubby make blueberry muffins with daughter #2.
2.  Going upstairs to tuck daughter #3 into bed, but finding her sprawled out among the books in her bed, fast asleep.
3.  Watching daughter #1 "evolve" into a little athlete who is learning to enjoy sports.
4.  Trixie Mae (the dog) playing with the cats.
5.  Getting a perfect Diet Coke from Sonic.
6.  The accomplishment of finishing a triathlon.
7.  Blogging.
8.  Warm popcorn.
9.  Spending the day in a comfy T-shirt and soft shorts.
10.  Crisp, clean sheets.
11. Gray's Anatomy.

Have a fantastic day!


kristi said...

Once again - its the simple things that make us happy. I think I will do one of these post.

Amy said...

This will be on my list of "fun things to blog about" next week!!

How FUN!!

katemcdonald said...

I am glad Boo Mama started this because its fun to read all of the things people are thankful for! Glad you posted this! (your girls are beautiful, by the way)