Sunday, January 25, 2009

The birthdays just keep on a comin'...

January is a big month for birthdays in our family.  We have my aunt Beth, her twin sons, Luke's sister, my brother, his youngest son, my oldest daughter, and my youngest daughter.  It is a popular month, clearly, and (frankly) exhausting, coming so soon after Christmas.

The girls played outside and played inside, and we made some special pillow cases and a special picture frame to commemorate the special day.  Then we ate some pizza.

And then it was time for the cake.  I must say, this might be one of my favorite cakes of all time.  Cute, cute, cute, yet not TOO "little girl-y".  (Because, you know, we're ten and all....)

We sang happy birthday, and then she blew out the candles...
... and then we opened some spectacular presents.  Then it was time for pajamas and popcorn and movies.  I convinced the girls to pose for a group shot before the movie, and then made copies of the photo to put in their special picture frames that they made earlier.  They look very sweet, I think!
But, of course, we had to take a "silly shot", too.  
The party was a great success, I think. At least I know my girls had a great time!  All the girls got along fabulously.  And, there was NO DRAMA, which is a huge accomplishment when you have a group of little girls!

So, my "little girl" doesn't actually turn 10 until Thursday, but the party is HISTORY. (I can check that one off my list and get ready for Grace's party now! ha ha!)


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Kate. Our girls are SO alike. Kate also hates to sleep at other peoples houses. I guess if they were BFF's they would never bug us to spend the night at each others houses!!:)

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!!

Anonymous said...

There are 2 other birthdays in the family in Jan. Sarah Beth's kids are both in January (Jacob's is Jan. 8th, and Brianna's is Jan. 27th!) Yes it is a busy month in the family!