Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas '08 in Photos

Well, since it's not even 2008 anymore, I decided I should finally post photos from Christmas 2008. 

Trixie Mae, our loving puppy, was relegated to the porch to watch the festivities.  She just COULD NOT stay out of the presents, so she watched us through the window.  (Lucky for her, it was nice and warm!)Here's Katie sitting in the middle of all the gifts, showing off her Fur Real monkey.  She liked it.  Santa obviously thought all the girls had ben REALLY good this year.

Here is a very happy Abby, showing off her swimming puppy that Santa brought.  He's pretty cute.  He even has goggles to wear while swimming!  He likes the bath tub - can't wait to see what he'll do in a swimming pool!
Gracie had some trouble opening her gifts.  The paper was a little tough, so she used her teeth.  Good thinking.  :-)
Oh, the joy and surprise!  Just what she asked for!  A boy baby alive doll (which, friends, just FYI, is ANATOMICALLY CORRECT!  Hmmm... I am pretty sure Santa did not know that when he ordered it off the internet!)
Christmas Day is also Bandit's Birthday.  Our little baby Pomeranian turned 14.  He's an old man now, and much too dignified to wear these goofy reindeer ears.

Trixie, however, kinda liked the ears, but she was so hyper that she kept shaking them off.
My "little helper" assisted in the making off all the pre-christmas gift baskets that we gave to friends, family, and teachers.  She only sampled a LITTLE BIT of the chocolate we used for dipping!
Here is a visual of SOME of the baskets we made and delivered before the holidays.  Whew!  Good cheer and joy and all that, but I'm GLAD that part is FINISHED!!
And, here are my little darlings, all dressed up and looking beautiful for Christmas Eve Services at church.  
Hope your holidays were merry and bright!  Bring on the New Year!

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Sarah T said...

I love the pics and commentary! Do you think Gracie knew baby boy alive would be anatomically correct?!