Thursday, January 29, 2009

A FABULOUS surprise...

We pulled it off... we surprised my daughter!!  When she came home from school, this is what was waiting for her.  Her bedroom door was "wrapped" like a giant present!When she opened the door, her "old" room (which she shared with her younger sister) had been transformed into a "new" room.  She was so excited!  She squealed and jumped and kept asking, "HOW?!?!?"  It was PRICELESS!!

Luckily, in the middle of working on the room, my bloggy-friend, Amy, called and said, "DON'T FORGET TO TAKE PICTURES!!!!!!"  Whoops!  I forgot to take the "before pictures, but I took lots of "after" pictures.  Here they are, in no particular order.

Abby and I picked out this new lamp for Kate yesterday.  The table is an antique.  It was in my mother's room when she was a little girl, and then it was in my room the whole time I was growing up.  It has been in the nursery since Kate was born, and then when Abby was a baby, and then when Grace was a baby.  I gave it a new coat of paint to match the new room.
This is her new chair.  She also got new curtains.  CUTE!
Here is her bed.  She picked out these letters from a catalog months ago, and I ordered them right away.  I've been hiding them...
Here is another view of the bed area.
Here's her book shelf and cute monkey picture from Tar-Jay.

This is a cute little vinyl rub-on wall decal.  (Bridgette and I worked on this for a LONG time, but finally got it to stick!)  This is on the wall right when you walk into her room.
It was a perfect birthday surprise.  I'm so glad we did it!  I also have pictures of the other bedroom that we did for Abby and Grace, but I will post them on another day.  I'll leave you today with a HUGE thank-you to Shelley, Bridgette, and Judy.  I couldn't have pulled it off with out them!

AND... Happy 10th Birthday, Kate.  Your mom loves you more than you know!!!!  I'll be back tomorrow with a special post all about the birthday girl, including "10 Reasons Why Kate is Cool!) ;-)


Shelley said...

LOVE IT! Wish I could have been there longer to help. That stomach bug STINKS :) Happy Birthday, Katie!!

Lindsay said...

It looks great! Happy birthday Kate!

ps: Dream On was my senior class song in h.s. I love that Kate has Aerosmith on her wall!

Anonymous said...

I was so hoping you would post pictures. It looks great! I bet she was beside herself. What a nice mom you are.


Amy said...

That is too fun!! I told my Kate all about it and she is jealous! I think I might have to pull off the "great birthday room do-over surprise" as well. SO MUCH FUN!!

Happy 10th Kate!

Can you believe we have 10 year olds??