Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank goodness for Grace, or I'd have nothing!

Grace was in rare form today.  Many, many, funny things were coming out of her mouth, and I should write them down just as soon as she says them, because I forget!!  Her most recent "funnies" went something like this...

Mom:  Grace, close your mouth when you are chewing.
Grace:  (speaking with mouth totally full) Is that another one of those "manners" things?

Mom:  That's a big hot dog, huh?
Grace:  Yeah, it's GINORMOUS.

Mom: Are you tired of this movie yet? (Alvin & the Chipmunks... we have watched it 3,000 times since Christmas, and I do NOT exaggerate.)
Grace:  Yes, this movie is so bored.

Grace:  Daddy, I don't want you to love any other kids.  Except for maybe my sisters.  They might be OK.  And my Mom. But that's all, OK?  I don't want them thinking you're their Daddy.

Grace:  Watch this Dad!  I can make bubbles in the bathtub. (TOOT.)  See?  That's fun!!  (At this point, the other girls jump, naked and wet, from the tub, in complete horror.)

Ah... she so obviously takes after her father...


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I love it! Keep telling us about the Gracieisms. That's the only way I will know about them. (I really think she takes after her maternal grandfather.) Love, Mom