Sunday, January 3, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!

Luke has had to work over the Christmas break.

A lot.

He was on-call on Christmas day, and the weekend after Christmas, and New Year's Eve, as well.

This has made for a "Not so fun, my Dad is working, Ho-Hum" kind of school break for the kids.

SO... we decided to have a "surprise" trip for them for this last weekend before school began again.

We didn't tell them anything about it, but we planned a trip to take them to the Great Wolf Lodge!!
Great Wolf is an incredible hotel with a huge indoor water park.

We told the kids that we needed to take a trip to Dallas, because we needed to go to Home Depot.

Our kids HATE Home Depot, because when we were building our house, we used to go and spend HOURS and HOURS at a time there, picking out "exciting" things like faucets and windows and light fixtures. And maybe a little paint. And just one or two sinks. One trip in particular, we reduced them to tears at a Home Depot... it was a little sad, really, but a trip that we will always remember!!

SO... when we mentioned Home Depot on Saturday, the wailing began.

But then, we showed up at Great Wolf, and the wailing stopped, and turned into cheering!!

Our room was a suite, which had a "kid cabin" inside of it, with bunk beds and a day bed. It was painted like a log cabin and also had fun little critters on the walls. It looked like this.
The water park was fantastic, and was a balmy 82 degrees.

At one point on Saturday evening, the kids told us that the place was "kid heaven".

I think they liked their surprise, and they didn't even complain when we put them to bed at 7:30 tonight!!! :-) They were EXHAUSTED.

Actually, I am exhausted, too. I did take a few photos, but I am too tired to upload them now. Maybe tomorrow, when we get back into our "usual" routine!!


Lindsay said...

How cool is that room!

Liz said...

Wow! What a great surprise! I bet Will will love that place when he gets older!

The Poe Family said...

Kate said today you guys told them you were going to Home Depot. I didn't know the story behind it. That is awesome!