Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abby's Day

Today my little Abby turned 8 years old. She had very definite ideas about what she wanted for her birthday this year. She wanted her Ju Ju to make her cake. (Ju Ju was overjoyed, and made her a yummy cake, just like Abby wanted.) She wanted pizza for dinner (I was overjoyed - no cooking! Yay!!) And she did not want a "party". She wants to take her BFF, Lainey, to Waco this weekend and have a day with just her. (We will be doing this very thing on Saturday.) Abby knows who she is, and I am so lucky to be her mother. Her is a photo of her tonight with her cake.And her she was at 5 years old, ready to play T-ball.
And here she was on her 1st birthday. Bring on the cake!!!
And here she was the day she came home from the hospital. What a beautiful baby girl!
Happy birthday, Abby. I pray that you will always be as sweet, pure, honest, and completely wonderful as you are right now. I could not love you more. Watching you is like watching my own heart walk around outside of my body! You make me proud every single day, and I am honored and SO very lucky to be your Mom. Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


cheri said...

Yea for Abby! Glad she had a wonderful day....the pictures are adorable and the cake looks delicious! Oh...that reminds me...I'm supposed to make dessert for tomorrow! Oops!

Lindsay said...

aww Happy Birthday Abby!!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Abby! What a beauty!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Abby! The Hale's LOVE you... especially our Lainey. We are so thankful GOD made you for your sweet family and for our sweet family to enjoy, too! I cant wait to hear stories of YOUR day with LAINEY!!!!