Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I LOVE ya', tomorrow!!

You're only a DAY AWAY!!!

No, I am not having little orphan Annie flashbacks... It is another famous young singer that has us so excited over at Casa de Killian.

Because, TOMORROW is the day that I'm taking my two older daughters to see TAYLOR SWIFT in concert!!

They got the tickets for Christmas, and have been anxiously awaiting March 11th for quite a while. We are loading up right after school tomorrow with some great friends on a big RV bus, and heading to Dallas for the big show.

Gracie is not sad AT ALL, because for Christmas SHE got a ticket to the Ft. Worth Zoo and the promise of a day alone with her Daddy. She could not be more excited! (Because, really, she doesn't care about Taylor Swift... she's much more into monkeys and crocodiles.)

Of course, when I bought these tickets, I was a stay-at-home Mom... who didn't worry about work commitments and such. Naturally, my first "big" after-hours commitment at work is scheduled for tomorrow night. It is open house at our school!!! Ack!!! Imagine my stress level when I found THAT out!! Luckily, I have a GREAT boss who understood that I had these tickets LONG before I had a job!!!!

So, TOMORROW is the day!! Can't wait to see Ms. Swift LIVE!!!!!


Lindsay said...

so so so fun!! I'm jealous!

cheri said...

Have fun with your girls! When Hillary turned 18, I took her and two friends to a Jon Bon Jovi concert...all I could smell was marajuana (is that even spelled right???)!!!! We did have a good time though! Hope you do too!