Saturday, March 27, 2010

Abby and Lainey's Day Out

Abby did not want a party for her eighth birthday... instead, she wanted to spend the day with her BFF, Lainey, in Waco. The biggest thing was "NO SISTERS INVITED!" You see, Abby and Lainey are BOTH the middle child, with one big sister and one little sister, and they wanted it to be "just them". SO... that is what we did!

They had a ball. We went to the Baylor campus and visited the bookstore, where we purchased them an official stuffed Baylor Bear. Then we went out onto the campus. We visited the Baylor Bears: Joy, and Lady. Here are Abby and Lainey at the Bear Pits (if you look closely, you can see Joy in the background.)
Then we went down and had a look at the creek that runs through campus. It surely is BEAUTIFUL there this time of year!!
Then we went to lunch at Red Lobster. Here are the girls in front of the lobster tank.
They enjoyed their popcorn shrimp, and their ice cream for dessert.
Abby was HORRIFIED that the waiters came over to sing "Happy Birthday" to her!! She turned about 3 different shades of red!!
After Red Lobster, we went to "Practically Picasso" and the girls painted some pottery. I DID take a pic of this, but haven't uploaded it yet... Oh, well. Just imagine 2 cute girls standing in front of a table wearing aprons. Abby chose to paint a duck, and Lainey picked a cupcake jewelry box. They will be adorable... The store is firing them this week, and I'll pick them up the next time I'm in Waco.

After the pottery store, we went to the mall and just walked around for awhile. They still weren't ready to leave when I announced that our time was up!!

We ALL had a really fun day (including me!!) Somehow, I am pretty sure that it was the PERFECT day for our little "middle" children!

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Lindsay said...

what a fun day!!!