Saturday, March 13, 2010

Concert Recap

Well, we did it!! We successfully loaded a big bus of an RV full of 2 daddies (to drive), and one little brother (who was unimpressed with this whole "concert" thing), 4 mommies, and 8 little girls and made a road trip to Dallas to see Miss Taylor Swift LIVE in concert. It was a blast and a half! Here are some of our little lovelies, waiting for Taylor to take the stage... (all I had to take pics with was my phone... this is the best I could do for photos!!)And here is a shot of the stage!
We had a ball! Miss Gracie went to the Ft. Worth zoo with her daddy and also had a fantastic time. She was quite sure it was better than any silly concert!! :-) (Her daddy DID take a few photos, which I will share with you next time.)

It was a memory that I know the girls and I will share for a very, very long time!

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cheri said...

I know all you had a blast...what a great memory!