Monday, March 22, 2010

The Recap.

Well, sadly, Spring Break has come and gone, and I didn't really update my blog. To tell the honest truth, I didn't really do ANYTHING that I needed to. I basically just enjoyed my family. My Mom and Dad came up for part of the week, and we just hung out at the house. Luke took a couple of days off of work, and we managed to take the kids on a picnic and a hike at Meridian State Park. They had a ball! I did manage to make a trip to Waco and get Easter dresses for 3 little girls, and also managed to find a dress for Matt and Leslie's wedding in April (I think... unless I change my mind about it. I like it and all, but it's not PERFECT... We shall see if I find anything I like better before April 24th! :-)

I did not clean or organize my house (which I needed to do.) I did not work on my taxes (although I did work on them tonight.) I did not work in the yard (which is a mess.) I did not take any exotic or amazing trips (and really, I didn't even want to!) I did not write 3 weeks of lesson plans (which would have been smart.) I did not make and freeze dozens of home-cooked meals (which would have been really, really smart.)

I did spend some time with my family, which I am thinking might be the most important thing to them! :-)

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cheri said...

I like what you did!!!