Wednesday, April 14, 2010

...and then reality smacked me in the face.

In my mind, Grace is still a baby. She really should still look like this:But, in the real world, she is growing up. She's not a baby anymore. I know this, in my head. I do. But, do you think somebody could please explain it to my heart?

I thought I was doing ok. I mean, this whole "going back to work" thing was going well... I'm enjoying it. I thought I had a pretty firm grip on "reality".

But, today, "reality" smacked me in the face. (And, I think, "reality" then laughed at me. Yes. I'm pretty sure it did.)

Today was a big day. Today they took Grace's graduation photos at Pre-School. And, yes, she looked 4 different kinds of cute in them, and if they weren't copyrighted, I'd post one of them for you right here. But, they are copyrighted, so you'll just have to imagine my baby, in a bright red cap and gown, holding a diploma, and smiling a big smile.

As if that wasn't enough for a mama for one day, today was also "Kindergarten Round-Up". That's right, friends... I had to register my "baby" for Kindergarten today. I'd like to say I handled it like a big girl, but I'd be lying. I was a little bit weepy. I mean, she's my baby. I'm not ready. Somebody just SLOW IT DOWN A LITTLE BIT. PLEASE.

And, if you see ole' "reality", smack it in the face from me.


Shelley said...

That Miss Grace is going to take the BIG SCHOOL by storm! It does hurt just a bit to have them all growing up, but it gets easier! Dang, reality... LIFE, time... Its hard!!!! Its Hard getting OLD!

HD said...

I know what you mean. Landon's pictures were so cute, but it just re-enforced the fact he's growing up. Then I had to pick him up from pre-k and he was like "momma, you never pick me up!!" and he was so excited. I have to say that made me feel really good but really sad at the same time.

Amy said...

You made me cry!! I can't even think about it without getting weepy! I'm not sure what in the world I'm supposed to do with myself without at least ONE of them here with me every day! Ahhhh, so hard letting them grow up!