Friday, April 2, 2010

Grace's Easter Party

Wednesday was Grace's Easter Program and Egg hunt at Pre-School. Luckily, I was able to go because most of the program was during my planning time at school. As I was driving to her school, I suddenly had a flash of memory... "Oh, NO!!!!! I was supposed to send an Easter basket and a dozen eggs to school this morning, and I forgot to tell Luke about it!!!" (Because Luke was the one dropping her off at school.) I had remembered to tell him about the tray of cookies, but not about the basket and eggs. So, I pulled into the local dollar store and (luckily) they had pre-filled eggs and Easter baskets. I quickly purchased what I needed and continued on to school. When I got there, I learned that Luke had figured out once he GOT to pre-school that Grace was supposed to have a basket. He went back home and found a basket for her, so she wouldn't be sad. He wins the "Daddy of the Year" award!!!! The program was so cute. They sang their songs and did their Bible Verse and their letters and sounds. Then they had a volunteer come up to say the prayer, and my little Grace was the volunteer! She did so well. It was adorable.

I actually took a few pics (I know... you are surprised. Thank goodness for my i-phone! ha!) Here they are (in no particular order!)

Here is Grace with the fabulous JuJu, showing off one of her MANY eggs.
Here's Miss Grace at the Egg Hunt.
Here she is during the program. She made a pretty cute flower, I think!
And here is part of her class during the program. They did an outstanding job! We are so lucky to have a great pre-school like this in litle 'ole H-town!
Happy Good Friday, and Happy Easter! I hope it is wonderful, meaningful, and blessed for you all!


Carrie B said...

oh my goodness she is cute! i am the mom that ALWAYS forgets the eggs and such. I was so excited to see that at target they have plastic eggs prestuffed with goodies that don't melt. you wouldn't believe how happy this made me!

Sarah Elms said...

I forgot to stuff the eggs for Jacob's daycare until I was in the shower this morning.... So I took them into the daycare and said I know how frustrating it is to ask for simple tasks of parents to complete and then they don't but I totally forgot to stuff these things.... So here are the eggs and candy... Sorry....