Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If I had any sense AT ALL...

...I'd be in the bed asleep right now.

I'm beat.

It's been a L-O-N-G week, and it's only Wednesday!!!

This weekend, my fantastic, wonderful, amazing brother-in-law is GETTING MARRIED! We're all so very excited for Matt AND for his beautiful bride, Leslie. I know the wedding will be amazing, and I just can't wait!

However, coordinating our "departure" from H-town has been, shall we say, "taxing" on me. I've never packed for 5 people for a "MAJOR LIFE EVENT" where we all must have appropriate attire while working at the same time. It's a little different, people! Usually, I would have shipped everyone off to work and school and dealt with it leisurely tomorrow. I started prepping yesterday, and today I have worked STRAIGHT THROUGH since we got home from school (except for the hour spent at church, and to be honest, if I could have found ANY LIVE BREATHING ADULT HUMAN to take over teaching my class for the evening, I would have skipped. )

But, I think I am finished. EXCEPT for Grace's dress... You see, all 3 of my babies are in the wedding. Grace's dress had to be hemmed, and even though I can sew A LITTLE BIT, there was NO WAY I was attempting this one! So, I dropped it off to be altered. As of today, they still hadn't called about it, so I called them, only to hear that they thought I needed it NEXT Thursday, and had not even started on it! ACK!!! I had a slight moment of panic, until the wonderful seamstress assured me she could have it done by tomorrow. No problem. After my breathing returned to normal, I thanked her, hung up, and then thanked God that he somehow reminded me to call them before tomorrow! :-)

Our other little "issue" is Grace's face. You see, she's a little clumsy right now, and last night she fell out of her Daddy's truck and messed up her face pretty good... She's got two huge gashes on her chin that match the bruise on her cheek quite nicely. GRRRRRR... I only left her with her Dad for an hour, and we've got gashes that will take a gifted make-up artist to cover up. I, sadly, am NOT a gifted make-up artist! :-) I'm hoping the bride and groom will find it her look "cute and endearing". Or, perhaps "interesting and memorable". I'm hoping that "hideous and annoying" are not on the list! ha ha!

On that note, I wish you a good night! (Or at least, for me, a restful one! :-)


cheri said...

Oh do have a big event to get ready for! Her face will not matter...she's so adorable anyway...they all are!

JSW said...

Post a pick of her. I gotta see this.

Liz said...

It seems like kids choose the best times to be clumsy. Will always gets bumps and bruises on his noggin' right before a holiday when we are planning to take a family photo.

I hope yall have fun. I can't wait to see pictures of the girls all dressed up!