Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I had to make the weekly trip to Wal Mart today, because my family actually wanted me to stock some food in this house. (Oh, how demanding they can be! :-)    So, I thought I might kill two birds with one stone (but only in a figurative sense... no birds actually died in the telling of this story! ha!)   I decided to drop off my Jeep to have the oil changed while I shopped.  Apparently I was not the only one who thought this was a good plan today... there were a few cars in line in front of me.  

Mind you, I normally avoid taking the Grace to Wal Mart, or any other large store that has a toy department.  She enjoys looking at toys, but does NOT enjoy leaving them on the shelves and walking away from them.  But, Miss Ju-Ju (our wonderful baby sitter) insisted on taking some vacation time (something about needing to go to her nephew's wedding... sounded like a weak excuse! ha ha)  

So, Grace and I finish our shopping and then go and check to see if our vehicle is oiled and lubed (or whatever it is they do).  It was still high up in the air on one of the racks.  Grace was amazed by this!  She kept asking how they could do that.  

After waiting a few minutes, they lowered the car, and I told Grace to sit still in the cart because we had to go and pay.  She looked at me with a shocked look on her face and said, "You have to pay for ME?!?!?"  I told her (with hardly a chuckle) that, no, I did NOT have to pay for her, because she was already mine.  She then looked confused and said, "They aren't going to put me in a bag, are they?"

Tee-hee.  I just LOVE that kid!


Anonymous said...

You have absolutely the best entertainment! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

That is HILARIOUS! By the way, Brianna calls her grandma (Aunt Judy) Ju-Ju! Hope all is well. Hope to see you all soon!

Your Cuz,

Amy said...

She is so funny!!