Friday, May 23, 2008

Spring Ball Comes to an End...

Both T-ball and Softball finished up for the girls this week.  Abby had a great year and learned A LOT.  She even got to play "pitcher" one game!!  Also, on her very last "at bat", she hit her first pitch in a game.  She was so proud of herself, and says she can't wait until next year to play again.  Here she is with her trophy.Kate's team finished their season with a dramatic 12-11 win, which took them to 7-3 for the season.  The won first place in their division!  They were so proud.  Here is the Lady Rebel Team after the trophy presentation.
What a great season!!  Congratulations, girls!


Amy said...

I know that it is wrong to be jealous of a good friend, BUT. I am filled with jealousy!! Softball is over for you guys and we go into the middle of June!! Not to mention you're first swim of the summer at the cc. I so wish I waas there!!


Shelley said...

Great job girls! I keep checking for an update and for pics of the new pup!!!