Friday, August 22, 2008

13 Things...

For Amy and Kristi, I'll play along and list 13 random thoughts that swirl around in my head today...

1.  Why is there ALWAYS laundry that needs to be done, even when I had a totally empty and pristine hamper just yesterday?  Does ANYONE else in my home know how to operate the washer?

2.  Why does hubby take a day off to spend time with us, and then spend it mowing the yard?

3.  Why do I LOVE to watch the Olympics on TV?  (even when it is really late at night and I am stinkin' TIRED and need to go to sleep...)

4.  What is it about donuts that taste so GOOD first thing in the morning?  (We drove into town this morning just to pick up fresh, warm donuts, and I have to tell you, friends, they were GOOD, in a really bad sort of way...)

5.  Why is it so easy to motivate myself to eat donuts and so hard to motivate myself to exercise?

6.  Why do girls squeal so much?  Why are they so dramatic?

7.  Why do puppies chew everything in sight?  (Trixie ate a hole in the bottom part of our couch.... Grrrrr... I'm trying to refrain from just BEATING her, because I've been told that's not such a good thing to do to a puppy.... Probably the person telling me that didn't have a HOLE in their couch!)

8.  What is it about new school supplies and fresh, unsharpened pencils that gets me so excited?

9.  Does anybody else out there really hate to answer the phone?  I don't know why, but I really don't like phones.... I think I'm turning into a hermit!!

10.  What IS it about cows that makes them want to wander?  One of our cows, Daisy, has found a spot in the fence where she can escape, and she just insists on doing it whenever she can...

11.  Will Gracie be OK in preschool?  Prayer would be good here...

12.  At what age do chickens begin to lay eggs?  I could probably look this little tidbit up on the internet, but hey, that would take time.  I think our chickens are starting to look mature enough to give us some eggs!!

13.  Does anybody really read my blog?  (Other than you, Mom.  I know you read it!!)

Ah!  That was fun!  Play along, friends, play along!


kristi said...

Yea. Thanks for playing. I read your blog, everyday, sometimes twice a day. I am with you on the Olympic thing - 11:30 I finally turned the TV off after the Dalhausser/Rogers won gold. Have a great weekend. Hopefully I will see you guys on Monday.

Shelley said...

Gracie will do great in preschool. Beat the dog. I love new pencils too... maybe its a teacher thing. The Olympics are the best and only come around every four year, well sort of now that the winter olympics and the summer games are not on the same fourth year. Hubbies do what they want to do sometimes :) Mine is mowing now on my first day out of the hospital. Umm... that is all I can remember. The antibiotics fried my brains even more than my kids have! Oh yeah... girls just squeal :) We must accept it! It is our life's destiny.

Anonymous said...

I do read it almost every day. I sometimes prefer to talk to you on the phone about it rather than leave comments. I know that Roxanne and Beth read it regularly too. Love, Mom