Friday, August 8, 2008

The "Randomness" in my head is shocking...

...and I say that with real confidence.  I have been thinking all day about what I'd type when I had time, and the things that have come to my mind are so disjointed... you will agree with me soon, just you wait and see.

First, we have had some real interesting visitors to the farm lately... here is our latest guest.The other night, Katie came running in yelling that there was an armadillo in the yard.  I told her she could chase it, just for fun, but the armadillo wasn't interested in running.  He wasn't intimidated by her at all.  He came right up to the house, and wouldn't leave.  Trixie barked at Mr. Armadillo, but Mr. Armadillo just looked and went on with his business.  I walked up to him and took his picture.  He didn't care.  Oh, well, he wasn't bothering anything, so I guess he can stay...

Then, this morning, Whiskers the cat brought up the hugest mouse I've ever seen.  She was bringing it up for her kittens to play with, but Trixie saw it first... she was OBSESSED with it!!  Whiskers dropped it, and Trixie scooped it up.  I was screaming at her to drop it,  NO, NO, NO, etc.... Eventually she did drop it and come into the house, but the mouse GOT UP AND BEGAN TO RUN AWAY!!!  I was screaming at the cats to go and get it, and they were just looking at me like I was crazy...  it was quite a scene.  Finally, Pancho the cat saw the mouse and began to stalk it.  He was just following it, and I was afraid the mouse would get away.  Kate decided she could do something about it, so she went and found Scardey Cat, and took him out and showed him the mouse who was trying to scurry away.  He (with a small amount of help from Pancho and Lefty), took care of the mouse.  Thank goodness, because I HATE MICE!!!!  They are as creepy as cockroaches, in my book.

To make life wonderful, our Air Conditioner in our house went out yesterday, which was not so great, as it was nearly 100 degrees.  We got it fixed today.  Life is good again.

Our trusted house repairman thinks he has found the massive leak in our house.  Please pray that he is correct!

School is only 17 short days away.  No, No, NO!!!   I'm whiny about it... we have had a fantastic summer, and I'm not so sure I'm ready for it to be over.  My baby begins pre-school this year, and even though I KNOW she is ready and needs to go, I secretly don't want her to go... It's just the beginning of the end.  Next thing you know, she'll be 18 and having the AUDACITY to expect me to let her leave my house and go away to college! I'll have to be medicated...

Sunday is the big day... I haven't said anything about it yet, but I'm running in my very first Triathlon this Sunday.  I am nervous... I just want to finish it, and I don't want to make a fool out of myself.  I'll let you know how it turns out (unless I end up in the hospital or something, in which case I'll never mention it again!!! ha ha!)

We have lost the remote to our TV and our Satellite dish... WHERE could it be?!?!?!  I know we had it this morning, but now it is GONE.  I have looked everywhere I can imagine that it could be... I even went through all the trash.  Nope!  Can't find it!  Any ideas about where it could be, internet-y people?

There is much more randomness, but it is bed-time for three little girls, who are all exhausted from swimming for 4 1/2 hours today.  

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Anonymous said...

Isn't living in the country fun? You are surprised almost every day. Love, Mom