Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet Charlie

We are puppy-sitting for Trixie's brother, Charlie, this week.  Oh, my, they are such PUPPIES!  Ever since he got to our house, the two puppies have looked a little like this...Or perhaps something like this.
But, every once in a great while, they slow down and look like the sweet little darlings that they really are.  Here they are, taking a break from all the playing.  (Charlie is on the left, and Trixie is on the right.)
Sometimes, family really is best.  :-)


kristi said...

Those are way too cute. I especially like the one of them laying beside each other and Charlie looks to be saying "Aren't you done with the camera already". Love it. Maybe you should have a picture naming contest like Pioneer Woman and you could give things away-like armadillos, kittens, roosters, mice, etc.

Amy said...

They are so cute!! Oh, puppy love!!

Shelley said...

They are so cute!!!

The Poe Family said...

Well, it's time for my bi-annual log on. Thought I would leave a comment because who knows when I will be in blogger world again? What cute puppies!!! It is that stage that I really think I want one. By the way, super job on the triathlon. Very impressive.

See you later,