Thursday, August 21, 2008

School... is a'comin!

Last night was Gracie's Pre-School Open house / Meet the Teacher Night.  She did great!  She was excited to go and hugged her teacher when we got there.  She picked out her own clothes, and looked adorable.  It would be a great bloggy moment if I had a photo here, but you know me... I forgot the camera!  I DID manage to take a photo of her here at the house, and maybe I'll post it later.  Too tired, too much to do to take the time to upload the photo on the ole' country-fried internet service we have here!

Tonight was the Elementary School Meet the Teacher Night here in H-Town.  Abs is going into 1st grade, and she has Ms. Faust, who is new to the district.  Abs really liked her, and is really excited about going back to school.  Her best bud, Lainey, is also in her class, so life is looking pretty sweet.   Kate is going into 4th grade, and she has Mr. Christian for her home room teacher.  That's right... our first male teacher.  Kate is really excited about Mr. C.   The rumor among the kids is that he is really fantastic.  Everyone loves him!  Her best bud, Catherine, is in her class, so life is looking up!  Kate has said that she wasn't ready for school, but after tonight, she is pretty excited.  And, since I AM mother-of-the-year, no photos.  No camera.  It's hard for me to remember anything except that I should have three kids trailing along behind me. :-)

SO... one last weekend to go before we are back into the world of school. We plan to pack it FULL of fun stuff!

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