Friday, August 1, 2008

And now it's already Friday...

HOW did this week fly by so quickly?!?!!?  I just can't figure it out!  Summer Music Camp 2008 is now history.  The performance was tonight, and, friends, it was FABULOUS.  I continue to be amazed at what kids can learn in a short amount of time.  Katie had a speaking part which was TWO PAGES of dialogue, and she did great.  Then, she sang a trio with two other young ladies which was in three-part harmony.  I was moved to tears!  It was beautiful.  They sounded like little angels.  Naturally, since I AM mother of the year, I didn't take my camera, but FEAR NOT!!  We had a photographer there, and we will be able to upload the photos soon.  There was also a videographer, and I purchased the DVD (which frankly was SO MUCH BETTER than video-ing it myself because I was able to actually watch the show!)  I was so proud of all the children- they did a fantastic job.  And our church's music minister?  He is an amazingly talented and gifted man.  We are SO lucky to have him!!

Happy Weekend!

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