Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Smart Girls...

I have smart girls.  I am very proud of that!  They ARE smart, and they (at least for now) enjoy being smart.  This week was the annual GT project presentation night, and the girls did not disappoint.  Abby researched "Dolphins", while Kate took on the in-depth topic of "leukemia".  Their projects were fantastic.

Here is Abby posing with her best bud, Lainey.  Miss Lainey is also a smart girl.  (We're pretty proud of her, too!)Here is Kate with HER best bud, Cat.  Kate and Cat teamed up to research leukemia together.  They learned A LOT.  (Cat is also a smart girl.  Go smart girls!!!!!)

We're proud of you ALL, girls!!  Way to go!!

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Liz said...

That's exciting. I remember when Emilie and Alex (my little brother and sister) were in GT. They always got to do those projects and learned so much from it! I was the black sheep, of course and not ever in GT. I'm really glad our school still has that program. It was great for them... plus the whole family learned from the projects as well!

Have a great night!