Friday, May 15, 2009

Texas Day

Each year the girls' elementary school has a "multicultural" day.  This year, their teacher (who does AMAZING productions, by the way!) decided to study and present information about Texas and all the things that make it special.  

Kate had to dress like a modern-day cowgirl.  Her grade danced traditional cowboy and cowgirl dances like the Cotton-eyed Joe and the Shodish.
Abby's grade represented the "Yellow Rose of Texas", and they danced the Two Step.  I must say, they were pretty cute!
Kate was also one of the two girls chosen to sing the Texas state song, "Texas, Our Texas." She sang beautifully!!
Here is Abby, dancing with her partner.
It was awesome!!  Great job, girls!!


Shelley said...

Abby's skirt was so cute! Your mom did GOOD :)

Bonnie said...

Wow, you're oldest looks just like you!

I wish we could have been there for Texas Day :-(