Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Park...

Kate had a math project to do this week.  They had a big project due in class  where they had to design a baseball or softball stadium.  They had to figure area and perimeter and plan out where to place restrooms and concession stands.  They had to plan sidewalks and entryways and stands.  It was a pretty neat project.  For extra credit, they could construct the stadium and bring it in to class.  Of course, Kate wanted to build the stadium.  What did he choose as her building material?  Candy, of course.

Here's a shot of the finished stadium.  (Now, just imagine that I had taken the time to remove the plastic wrap before snapping the photo.  Hey, it was late.  Don't judge me!  :-) )Welcome to "Fireball Stadium... Home of the Lady Dragons"!!  The outer walls are made out of vanilla creme wafers, stuck together with frosting.  The bleachers are made from twizzlers.  There are "fire pits" throughout the stadium made of gum drops.  The infield is crushed oreo "dirt", and the outfield is coconut with green food coloring.  The sidewalks are made of vanilla wafers, and they have the players' numbers on them.  The outfield wall is made of gumdrops.  If you look in the lower right hand corner, you can see a tiny dragon, made of gumdrops.  In the lower right hand corner, you see a softball, which is an oreo covered in white frosting and red food gel.

Whew!  It took us forever to finish it, I won't lie.  (Now, the kid had BETTER make an A in Math! ha ha)


Robin said...

Wow that is an amazing finished project I bet she does get an A, and thanks Betsy for the comment on my blog, wasnt sure anyone would ever read it. I know we dont know each other that well but i feel i am getting to know you a little better through blogging and dont see you as just Dr. K's wife. God Bless yall.

Robin McClain

Gettysburg Mom said...

That is the tastiest looking math homework I have EVER, EVER seen. [me wiping drool from lip.] Hope she enjoys that well deserved A.

...Southern Bride... said...

Wow, that is amazing!

Just stumbled on your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

That's funny! She should have MY job! Sounds more like an architect class than math!