Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Whining Begins...

I usually try not to use my blog to whine...

Because, really, I have a pretty nifty little life.

My children are happy, healthy, smart, funny, and generally "all around wonderful" kids.

My husband is typically pretty fantastic.  He supports me in every way possible (don't tell him I said so... we mustn't let him get the big head! ha!)

I am happy and healthy myself.  We are clicking along just fine.

But, DANG.  We are BUSY!!!

I'm just saying... We are busy in a "can't catch our breaths, don't have time to eat" kind of way.

The HOMEWORK is eating our proverbial lunch.  

And, I am a former teacher... I know a little about homework.

And I try... God KNOWS I try not to complain about it, but tonight... I have just had enough.  

So, I am whining.  Even though I don't want to be that whining parent, I am whining.  

MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Or at least make it reasonable and relevant.  Please.)

And now I am done, and will try to go back to my "non-whining" ways!!!!!


cheri said...

I'm sorry....I know the feeling! Each year I think I give less fact, this year I give math homework NO MORE than twice a week! By the time your two younger ones get there, I may give no homework at all! We are also doing all the Indian projects at school...I told the other third grade teachers ..."Who wants to make a project the week before Thanksgiving???" so....our rooms are full of teepees, adobe huts, totem poles...paper on the name it...they just aren't covering kitchen tables everywhere! I hope that makes some mommas and daddies happy! Just a few more days of school before Thanksgiving break...hang in there!

Carrie B said...

We ignore most homework. I don't ask and they don't tell. And I am a teacher too. I'm just so grateful not to be an Elem teacher! You guys are pretty darned special!

kristi said...

Amen!! I think we should all boycott 5th grade. You know when I taught, I didn't have children of my own yet. I tell everyone that if I was to go back to teaching (since having children), I would be a much better teacher and would definitely not give as much homework. I was terrible back then.

Amy said...

Preach it sister! 5th grade homework is REDICULOUS! Yesterday, I found Kate (after about an hour) hiding in my closet doing homework. Cannot wait until Thanksgiving break! Better yet, JUNIOR HIGH!! They say 5th grade makes junior high look easy around here!!

Poor kids and MOMMIES!