Monday, November 16, 2009

Musings of a thoughtful housewife...

The holidays are coming, and I am not too sure that I am quite ready.

Today I was walking along the square here in H-Town, and every story window display (with the exception of the florist), was decked out in full Christmas decor.

I'm not too sure that I like it, if I'm being completely honest.

I want to ENJOY Autumn.

I rather like it.

Orange is a really nice color.

Not that I don't enjoy red and green... really I do, but NOT YET.  

I want to be thankful first.  I want my children to be thankful.  I want to appreciate the full experience of gathering together with family and enjoying good times and good company and good conversation and belly-aching laughter.... without all the pressure of making sure I purchased the perfect gift AND actually remembered to wrap it and bring it along.

I know, I know... Christmas is not all about the presents and the parties and the festivities.  Or at least it's not supposed to be.

But I have to be cautious, or that's what it turns into.  

I hope that THIS YEAR I can try to keep Christmas in focus, and keep the REAL reason for the season in my heart, and in the hearts of my children.

But not yet...

Because first I want to eat turkey.

A LOT of turkey.

(And a piece of pumpkin pie wouldn't be too bad, either!!!! )


Lindsay said...

I'm with you! I'm still enjoying fall also

cheri said...

I do love fall! I'll be ready for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over! Happy fall and happy Thanksgiving!

kristi said...

I totally agree with you. I think our parents my say we are getting old. I will be ready for Christmas the morning after Thanksgiving when my sister and I take off for OUR shopping day.

Anonymous said...

See, See! You said ORANGE was a pretty color!!! Ha! YOU ARE a Longhorn at heart! ;-)

Luv ya Cuz! LM

Liz said...

I agree! Too early for Christmas decorations. It's such a pretty season. Why rush it? There's plenty of time for Christmas after Thanksgiving!

Shelley said...

I am SO with you. This year is rushing by! I still feel like it should be September not Thanksgiving much less time to be thinking about putting up my Christmas tree and buying Christmas gifts. We MUST run away some weekend and SHOP and get some gifts or I am going to be IN BIG trouble this year.