Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bovine Update...

Being the excellent rancher that I am, I herded those baby calves right back into the pasture last night.  (I'm not really THAT much of an expert, but I did learn to LEAVE THE DOG IN THE KENNEL!!!!!)  Without her expert help, it was a fairly easy task.

However, those mama cows remain at large.  I am stumped.

Several friends have mentioned cattle rustlers... does that still HAPPEN these days?!?!?!?  Being the ranch expert that I am, I am quite unsure...

One friend suggested UFO bovine abduction.

I like it.  

Thanks, Cheri.

That's my NEW story, and I'm sticking to it!!!   :-)

1 comment:

cheri said...

Cattle rustlers are alive and kicking! Check your pasture for a large burnt ring from those UFOs! Ha! Hope you find those cows!