Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Return of "Rent-a-Cowboy"

Yes, it's true...

I have another "cow emergency", and I need the services of our local "rent-a-cowboy".

My only problem is, it seems that said cowboy is now employed on a local ranch and no longer hires himself out.

This is a real problem for a small ranch owner like me, who has no horse, and also has no idea how to rope a cow.

A REAL problem, let me tell you...

About a week ago, our 3 mama cows disappeared.  Gone.

We assumed that our creek had washed out the fence in all of the rain, but NO.  All the fences are intact, and the mamas are gone.

Today, the gate was open in the front pasture, where the 3 babies have been living, and my EXCELLENT cow dog, Trixie, chased those babies right out the front gate.

Nice work, Trixie.  (Grrrrrrr.... I will not beat the dog.   I will not beat the dog.  I WILL NOT BEAT THE DOG... She was only trying to help.)

SO..... now all 6 of my cows are missing.

Damn, I am a good rancher.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you might not be getting that farm exemption on the taxes this year! hahahaha!

Your Cuz,

cheri said...

Cattle thieves??? UFO??? Good luck! :-)

Lindsay said...

haha! love it!