Saturday, January 16, 2010

Basketball '10

Basketball season is in full swing now... Abby's team had their second game this morning, and Kate's team had their first game. Neither team was victorious, but they both played good, solid games. Abby's team played SSSSOOOOOOOOOO much better... they didn't even look like the same team!!! They only lost by 2 points. I could not have been prouder of them. Kate's team made a good showing, as well. Kate has improved so much from last year. She even drove the ball to the goal a couple of times (which doesn't sound impressive, but for her, it's a HUGE improvement!!)

They agreed to pose for photos when we got back home today to show off their swanky new uniforms.

Kate is #2 on The Stingers...
...and Abby is #1 on the Pink Panthers.

Even if they didn't come out on top today, they are the CUTEST little b-ballers I have ever seen!! Go Teams, and Yay for Basketball Season!!

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