Thursday, January 14, 2010

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday...

Well, you see, I started on this post yesterday, which WAS Wednesday... My plan was to upload some Christmas pictures, since I never got that done, as a Wordless Wednesday post.

But, you see, "life" got in the way... as it often does around here!!

So, today we are having a "Not-so Wordless" Thursday (even though that isn't as catchy as Wordless Wednesday, it will just have to do this time!! :-)

Kate and Gizmo (who is NOT happy about wearing the WebKinz clothes...)
Gracie, trying on her new ear muffs (with the gloves still attached to them!! You can see the gloves on the top of her head!!!)
Abby IS the gift that keeps on givin'!!
Kate with one of her many WebKinz...
Abby got a Fancy Nancy doll!!
Gracie loves Gizmo, and Gizmo loves Gracie!!
All 3 little ladies, standing in front of a VERY large package (which turned out to be a basketball goal!)
The girls turned their PaPaw into Santa...
Here is "Little Santa," aka Gizmo the cat. (She looks SO thrilled!!)
And, last but not least, Gizmo under the tree. She loved it under there!!
Happy Thursday!!!

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Amy said...

seriously, those are some seriously cute girls! I can't believe how grown up they all are! I'm glad to see I am not the only crazy pet lover around here!!:)