Monday, January 11, 2010


... begins tonight!!

Abby has decided to play this year. How fun! I'm so proud of her for "stepping out of her box" and trying something new. I am helping to coach her team of first and second graders. Their uniforms are BRIGHT pink, and they have chosen to be the "Panthers"... ( get it? The Pink Panthers?!?!?! Ha ha ha ha!! They thought they were SO very clever!!) Anyway, their first game is tonight, and I am so very nervous for them... none of them have ever played before, so it may be a rough night...

Kate is playing again this year, and she has really come a LONG way from her start last year. I mean, she's no Michael Jordan or anything, but she's improved so very much. She doesn't play until Saturday, but her team practices tonight. (Luckily, I am NOT coaching her team, so I don't have to be in two different places at two different times!!!) Her team has gold uniforms, and are named the "Golden Girls." Very clever, until I told Kate that there was a TV show many years ago about little old ladies that had the same name. After she heard that, she wasn't so "in love" with the name anymore!! :-)

Wish us luck... Basketball is probably the sport I enjoy the most (or maybe softball... I guess it's a toss up!), so I really hope the girls like it and want to continue playing. At the very least, I hope they have fun and learn something new!!

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