Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesterday, I left Grace at home with The Fabulous JU JU while I went into town to run a few errands and pick up the girls from school. After school, Kate had basketball practice, so I was gone for several hours. I could tell when I was leaving that Grace was starting to get restless... Lately she has been getting "bored" at home. So, I was a tad concerned that she would be REALLY "whiny" while I was gone.

When I finally made it back home with all the other girls, Grace met us at the door and announced that we were all invited to a "Valentine's Birthday Party." She was SO excited... she had "fancied" herself all up, and had even chosen costumes for the other girls! She had also "decorated" the living room, and she had activities planned, as well.

We told her that Mom needed to cook dinner, and that the older girls had to do homework. She was crushed, and began to cry because nobody was coming to her "party". Finally we convinced her that we should wait until after dinner, because then her Daddy could come to the party. She finally agreed.

When her Daddy got home, she didn't even allow him time to eat... we had to begin the party immediately. Luckily, the older girls really were quite nice and played right along... they kindly put on their costumes and participated like little champs.

FIrst Gracie performed a little dance for us...
... and then the girls had to have a scooter race around the living room (in full costume.) Abby was a bunny,
...and Kate was Minnie Mouse.
Luke and I had things we had to do, as well. Luke had to wear a little blue hat, and I had to sing along with a stuffed dragon who was singing "Hot Stuff." I know you are glad we DIDN'T get that one on video! ha!

Grace was so proud of herself and her party, and happily helped to clean up her "decorations" when we announced the party was over.

It's crazy around here, people, but it's a good kind of crazy. We ALL had fun at our little impromptu party, which was planed by the best "party planner" around... the Mighty Miss Grace!! :-)

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kristi said...

Cute. Those are the best of times.