Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Fearless Huntress

As you may know, we have no sons.  Three beautiful daughters we have been blessed with, but that Y chromosome is hard to come by in our family.  So, on occasion, one of our girls will humor Hubby and do something "manly" with him.  This weekend, Miss Abs decided she wanted to go deer hunting with her Dad and PaPaw (also known as my Dad.)  They suited her all up in camo clothes, and off they went.  She DOES look pretty cute, even in camo!When they got to the woods, Luke put Miss Abs up in his tree stand, and then he sat on the ground under a fallen tree where he could see her.  (PaPaw opted for another stand some distance away.)

They sat and waited, and sure enough, out came some deer.  They were watching the deer, and honestly, Luke confessed there was no way he was shooting one - it was just too much trouble! But, Abs didn't know that, and was having a great time out in the nice weather watching the deer frolic beneath her.  Luke said all of a sudden she got really still and had a horrible, terrified look on her face.   She was pointing to the side of her, in the tree, and mouthing something to him.  (However, being the good little huntress, she wasn't speaking aloud... that would scare away the deer!)  Luke said she kept getting more animated and more frantic, to the point that he actually thought she might jump.  So, he got up and scared away all the deer, and ran up to the tree.  She got down, and he asked her what was wrong.  She said, "Dad, there was this squirrel, and he was LOOKING at me.  He wouldn't stop staring at me!  I was afraid he was going to jump on me!" Forget deer, hogs, snakes, coyotes, or any other scary woodland animal... we were worried about THE SQUIRREL.

Dangerous squirrels out there, people.  Be warned.  They have nuts stored for the winter, and they will defend them!


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Shelley said...

LOVE that story. Miss Abby does look adorable, even in camo :) Thank goodness we have ballet or I would NEVER see you anymore!