Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Photos

I told you that the Halloween photos would be entertaining you for a long time to come.  So, here we go.

This is Kate and Abs Trick-or-Treating on the square.  Ms. Misty was both girls' Kindergarten teacher, and she was dressed as a bumblebee.  Too funny!  They just had to have a pic with her.This is a pic of all 9 grandkids Trick-or-Treating around the H-Town square.  Aren't they sweet?

Here are our kids with the Denver kids, before everyone else arrived.
This is the "official" Halloween 2009 costume shot.  Abby was a kitty cat, Grace was Batgirl, and Kate was a Candy Corn Witch.
The big girls got to wear costumes to school, but they had to be a story book character costume.  Kate wanted to wear her witch dress, so she hunted around and found a book that matched her costume. However, Abs REALLY wanted to do this one particular book, called "One Good Pup."  She just loves the dog in that story, and you know me, anything to encourage reading!!!  So, I made her a pup costume for school.  She was super cute (note the REAL doggie collar around her neck!!)
More photos to come later - we had an AWESOME Halloween party on Saturday night out at the family farm!!!

Happy Belated Halloween!!


Shelley said...

They all looked so cute!! You should have gotten a shot of their fingernails, too!

Lindsay said...

They are too cute! And after reading Shelley's comment I'm curious about their fingernails...

Amy said...

Yes, we must now see a picture of their're leaving us hangin!!:)

Cute little kiddies. I love Halloween!!