Friday, November 14, 2008

Gracie Lou-Lou

Today I had some errands to run, and Miss Gracie went with me.  They weren't really fun errands, but they did require going to a larger town, which, in the past, has not been so fun with the littlest member of the family.

This was not the case today.  We had fun.She talked NON STOP, Y'ALL!!  I mean, non stop... to the point that people in stores and in check-out lines would get cracked up and laugh out loud and comment on her unbelievable adorableness  (is "adorableness a word?  I don't even know.)

The conversations went like this:

Grace:  Mom!  Why can't I ring THAT bell?
Mom:  Because that bell is only to be rung if you need help, and we are already being helped.
G:  Is that like a rule or something?

G:  Mom?  Is that a snake?  (Note:  We were at Pet*Smart buying dog food, and they DID, in fact, have snakes for sale.  Gross.)
M:  Yes, I do believe those are snakes.
G:  Can we have one?
M:  No.
G:  Why not?
M:  I don't like snakes and you will never, never, be allowed to have one.
G:  I think I'm gonna' ask my Daddy...

G:  Mom!  Mom!  We learned the hamster dance in school!  Watch me!!  (At this point she broke into a wiggly, shakin', rockin' little dance.  Right there in the aisle.  Then, in mid dance, she "Froze", and then said, in a little whispery voice, "That's called the FREEZE.")

G:  Mom!  Look at the Santas!  Is Santa coming soon?
M:  Yes, after Thanksgiving.
G:  Is Thanksgiving today?
M:  No, Thanksgiving is in about 2 weeks.
G:  And then it's Christmas?
M:  No, Christmas is at the end of December.
G:  Oh.  Is that tomorrow?
M:  No, baby, it's in DECEMBER.
G:  When is REMEMBER?
M:  *** laughter***

G:  I need to go potty.
M:  Can you hold it just a minute?  I don't know where the potty is.
G:  I don't think that would be a be a very good idea.

Trust me, the list goes on.  We don't even have time or room for all the awesome-ness that was "Grace-Speak" today!!  

This was "The Good Stuff" that I just pray I won't forget... (especially on those days when I'm NOT thinking she's so cute and funny! ha ha)


Anonymous said...

That's great! Love, Mom

Gettysburg Mom said...

So cute. And already asking Dad if Mom says no...

Sorry I've missed you for a bit. My computer ate your bookmark. (It's kind of like my dog eating my homework...)

Amy said...

I adore that kid and I barely know her!! She is so much fun!!

One day, when you are bored and maybe even grumpy, sit down and go back in your archives and read all her funnies. It will brighten your day. I did that a couple of weeks ago and came across the story when Case was at the "viewing" of Jason's Grandmother's body and I was explaining that her soul and her love, blah, blah, blah, were in heaven with Jesus...and he said..."and her legs are with Jesus"!! HEHE!! Because he couldn't see her legs!!!

So fun to have funny kids!!