Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Revisited

The evening after Halloween, we had a really fun "Mini" Halloween party out at the farm.  My in laws planned it, along with the help of our resident "Super Uncle", Matt.  All of Luke's siblings and their spouses came, along with all their kids.  Matt even brought out his girlfriend, Leslie, to join in on the festivities.  Counting everyone, there were 19 of us.  Wow.  We have really grown in the 15 years since I've joined the family!!!

Here is a picture of the kids sitting on the farm house porch, ready to get started.  Jake, the dog, does NOT want to get left out!Here are the kids at their first stop, the front door of the house.  Their Gran was all dressed up in a long gray wig, overalls, and a bonnet.  She looked so funny!

Here are the kids coming up to the fire after trick-or-treating.  They are ready for the marshmallows!
There was just a little candy to be eaten, even by the youngest of our clan.  Baby Beth LIKED the candy!  (Is she not the cutest?  I want to gobble her up!)
Here is Claire, who looks so much like my girls that she could BE mine.  
Here is Luke (also known as "The Sheik"), along with "Granny Bumpkins", holding up "Batgirl".  There were some pretty great treats in that chest!  And, the chest made great creaking noises when you open it up.
Katie particularly enjoyed the marshmallows.
Here's Abs, a.k.a. the Cute Kitty, sitting on her Daddy's lap at the camp fire.
Here are my sister-in-laws, Sara and Sarah, with their sons, Luke and Colin.  The boys were also big fans of the marshmallows!  Check out the extra on Colin's face!  Cute!!

Here's Leslie, holding Batgirl.  We thought Leslie's glasses kinda looked like Batgirl's mask!
We had such a good time!  Happy Belated Halloween!!  :-)

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