Friday, March 7, 2008

"5 Things..."

OK, so my dear friend Amy "tagged" me to post on five little known facts about me.  This will likely be a disaster, because I just did my "100 things about me" post, so there is NOTHING that you all don't know about me!  But, I'm a sport, so here we go...

1.)  I have had a lot of "interesting" jobs.  I've been a waitress at a sushi bar.  I've wrapped gifts and waited on customers at a lingerie store.  I've been an "after-school nanny" to some kids in Waco.  I spent an entire summer at a Jewish sleep-away camp as a counselor one summer in Pennsylvania.  I was the pre-school age director of a sports club camp one summer.  I've been an after school tutor.  I've been a part-time TAKS specialist.  Oh, yeah, and I've taught third grade.  (Not to mention my current, glamourous job, as a MOM.)

2.)  I married a man who had the same last name as me.  We were not related (until we got married.)  I never had to change my driver's license or Social Security cards.  Luke and I used to pretend to be brother and sister in college so that we could check each other's grades at the registrar's office.  He also pretended to be my brother once when I was really sick and in the Health Center at Baylor so that the nurses would let him come in and check on me.

3.) I was an NCA All-American cheerleader in high school.  I also took ballet and tap lessons for about twelve years when I was a kid.  

4.)  I had fertility issues.  I had to take fertility drugs (and a lot of them) to get pregnant with Kate and Abigail.  I miscarried a baby between Abigail and Grace.  We assumed I couldn't get pregnant on my own, and even though we wanted more kids, we didn't think it wise to keep taking lots of drugs to do it.  So, once we decided to be content with two kids, I got pregnant with Grace.

5.)  One of my "dream" jobs would be to be a photographer.  I love taking photos!  Some day I want to take a class so I can be better.  I want to photograph old barns and old churches and make calendars and stuff.  My other "dream" job would be to be a children's book author.

There you go !  Hope you have learned SO much more about me (and my ability to be really random! ha ha)



Shelley said...

Those were AWESOME! I am hoping to avoid the challenge until next week!!

Amy said...

Now see, not so hard, and VERY interesting! Love the one about you and Luke pretending to be brother and sister. Too funny!