Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Pics from Spring Break

We all had a great time at my parents' house over Spring Break. All 6 cousins on that side were together, and a they really enjoyed each other. The weather was really great, too. They got to play at the park and enjoy an egg hunt at my brother's house. Then, of course, we needed to celebrate Abby's upcoming birthday AGAIN, because we are all about the cake in my family. My SIL, Rox, got Abs a pinata, and the kids beat on that thing for AT LEAST half an hour. It was hilarious... that thing just WOULD NOT BUST OPEN!!! Below you can see my niece, Sarah, whacking the pinata bunny for all she was worth. She hit is so hard she actually broke the pinata stick in half!! Once they finally made a hole in the tough blue bunny, my brother took mercy on them and dumped the candy out so they could collect it. Even Duke, the dog, had fun gathering the candy.
Here is my niece, Sarah, with the proof that the blue bunny was tougher than the stick that was supposed to be used to beat it. You go, girl! Way to whack that bunny!!!
And here is the beautiful birthday girl, again, showing off her cake and her birthday plates. (Note the chick on the plate... this birthday is all about the POULTRY, since she wants chickens for her b-day! ha ha! We should have gotten her an Easter Chick pinata instead of a bunny! ha ha)
Happy Easter, and Happy Spring Break!! I wish it wasn't over... it went by too quickly!!

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