Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Photos

We took all 6 grandkids to Sears to have photos made for Easter. Considering how many kid-o's we had, I think they did pretty well (and I even made mine change clothes once! Crazy Mom!!)
Any way, here are the proofs. Happy Easter!

Here are my girls, pretty in pink.
Here are all 6 of them, poised and ready to take a beautiful photo for Nana and Papa.
Here are my brother's 3 kids. Look at all those handsome boys thrown in there with a gorgeous girl!! How did they manage that?!?!? Luke and I never did figure that one out! ha ha!
Here are my three little ladies again. Doesn't Kate look ALL GROWN UP?!?!?!? I'm not so sure I like that, but BELIEVE YOU ME, she likes it!
Here's Kate.
Here's Miss Abigail.
And last, but certainly not least, here's the Grace.

Happy Easter! Hope the bunny brings lots of chocolate to your house!!!

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Shelley said...

They look beautiful! I love the black and white dresses!! Be careful on your way home...