Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shop 'til you drop!

This weekend my friend Shelley and I decided we should take the girls shopping for Easter dresses on Saturday because both of our husbands had to work. Keep in mind that we each have three daughters. The oldest one is 9. Then when Shelley talked to our friend Amy, she thought it would be a good idea to join us. She has 5 kids. When we actually started working out the logistics, Amy decided to only bring her oldest two kids. I was hoping to leave Grace at home too, but finding a sitter proved to be impossible, so I loaded her in the car right along with everyone else! We left my house at 8 am, picked up Shelley's family, and hit the road for Abilene. We got A LOT done. All the kids got dresses and shoes, and lots of other clothes that were much needed for Spring. We took them to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and they thought we were Moms of the Year! We finally made it home at about 10:30 pm. The kids were really worn out! I (of course) forgot my camera, but I can always rely on Shelley to be responsible! She had her camera, so she kindly sent me some pics of the kid-o's in Chuck E. Cheese. Enjoy!

Here are the "big" girls, Katie and Abbey H., posing in front of the Chuck-ster.Here are the best buds, Abby K. and Lainey, jumping around in the play scape.
Grace had a ball in the play scape!

It was a crazy trip, but we sure had a good time. Thanks, Amy and Shelley, for being brave enough to tackle a monster trip like this one!!

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Shelley said...

We had a blast, too! I was sure pooped for the next day or two though :)